Drive Smart Engages Student Body to Promote Safe Driving


Aubrey Hall

Tyler Jungbauer (12), John Ives (12), Bora Giyik (12) and Max Piccioni (12) were the winning team of the Think Fast Interactive competition. As a reward, they won a total of $100 worth of Amazon gift cards.

Sita Ahlen, Anela Wright, Zak Talbot, Senior Reporters

Each year, Student Council works hard on the annual Drive Smart campaign. Drive Smart’s goal is to make students aware of the many dangers surrounded by driving. In the past, Student Council planned the Drive Smart assembly that led students into the carnival.

For the two weeks immediately before and after Thanksgiving Break, students were welcomed with chalk drawings, posters, activities and free prizes in order to encourage safe driving within the school district. This yearly event strives to encourage students to focus on safety by not driving under the influence or driving with distractions.

To kick off the first week, Student Council members held a meeting the 513. The goal was to unite the community while emphasizing on the dangers of driving under the influence. During the meeting, Wendy Skokan spoke about when her daughter was charged with DUI and how it affected her personal life. She touched on details of her daughters injuries which included being in a coma and having metal plates inserted in her jaw.

For the second year in a row, Student Council invited Think Fast Interactive for the Drive Smart assembly. The Think Fast Interactive is a game show where all students were divided into 73 groups. As each question appeared on the screen, students answered questions through a remote to compete for points. As well, there were two other competitions, including a “dance off” that inspired several students to come down to the floor to show off their best moves. The competitors participated in dances such as “Gangnam Style”, “the Hokey Pokey”, etc. The winner was Tyler Powers (10), who went onto the final round. The two teams with the most points, as well as the winners from a dance contest and a skit, competed in a final round for $100 in Amazon gift cards. John Ives (12) dominated the competition including singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and answering questions about the dangers of driving. Ives won the competition, scoring both him and the rest of his team Amazon gift cards.