MSHS Football Team Secures Win Over St. Mary’s

Zak Talbot, Reporter

As the new school year begins, so does a new season of fall sports. This season started off intensely as the Manitou Springs High School Football Team took on St. Mary’s on their rival’s turf. This game is among the most important to MSHS, along with games that have an affect on standings for playoffs. Each year, when Manitou and St. Mary’s face off they don’t just play for the win, but for school pride. The winner of the game gets to take home the famous helmet, which going into the game, was in the possession of the Mustangs.

As the game began, neither team could emerge as a front runner. Though after a quick battle, the St. Mary’s Pirates put the first numbers on the scoreboard after a receiving touchdown and the point after attempt was good. Though, after trailing 7-0 after the first quarter, the Mustangs responded by getting 2 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion, taking the lead going into halftime.

The second half was a game of defense, as both teams came up with crucial stops on multiple drives. As the seconds ticked down, St. Mary’s couldn’t get the last snap off in time and the Mustangs won the game with a final score of 14-7. According to Assistant Varsity Coach, Brandon DeMatto, this win is very important to the team. “I think it’s going to help us identify some of our strengths, some of our weaknesses,” said DeMatto.

DeMatto also added on the importance of winning the helmet on the first week of school over their rivals. “That’s always important for us. I mean that helmet signifies our rivalry,” he said.

This year is going to be an interesting one for the Mustangs, as they have an entire new defense and offense with players ready to prove themselves. Though the outcome of the season is still up in the air, one thing is for sure, that Manitou will be there to support them along the way.