The parade is over, Mr. Hilt; go home


Rookie English teacher, cross country coach, and poetry slam adviser — Tim Hilt — was spotted sitting on the corner of Mayfair and Manitou Avenue, Friday, after Manitou Springs High School’s homecoming parade.

Traffic was backed up on Manitou Avenue as most of the parade-goers cleared out. It appeared that Hilt, however, was waiting for more.

Photo by Prospector Staff

When approached for an interview, a seemingly already defensive Hilt said, “This isn’t weird.” He then proceeded to explain, “I’m waiting for Blu.”

While Hilt insisted his lonely position at Mayfair and Manitou Ave. was nothing out of the ordinary, the pictures speak a thousand words.

Shock and awe may have rocked Hilt to his core. Who can blame the former TCA Titan and Mustang rival? It is, after all, his first time experiencing a Manitou Springs homecoming parade.

By Prospector Staff