First Wrestling Tournament Meets Expectations


Joshua Shaw, Reporter

Manitou Springs wrestling’s first tournament was held on Saturday, December 3. Manitou ended up placing 8th, with only a seven man roster.

Star wrestler, Julian Sanchez, managed to come out with 1st place despite losing in a previous match. When asked how he prepared differently for this tournament he replied with “I just focused more and took it slower. I also listened to pop music like Sean Mendez and Shakira throughout the week.” Julian actually had doubts going into the tournament because he was wrestling last years state champion. “I expected to make second, but I honestly thought the wrestler that took state last year would’ve beaten me” Julian explained.

After the team placed relatively high at the tournament there’s nothing they expect nothing but good things to look forward to from here on out. A majority of the team is expected to move onto state further into the year, but with a smaller roster than usual, it’s hard for the team to get fresh and different people to practice with, however, the team makes it work just fine.