Junior Varsity Football Team to Advance to Playoffs


Sita Ahlen, Sports and Activities Editor

Of the seven games JV Football has played over the course of the season, the team has won three and lost four. Every game has ended with at least a touchdown in the favor of the team.

The first game of their season occurred on the September 3rd. Manitou started off their winning streak with a touchdown to hold over the opposing team, St. Mary’s. The game ended 26 to 14 in favor of Manitou.

This winning streak continued for one more game, against Valley High School from Gilcrest, Colorado, where they ended with 40 to 0, a major victory for the Mustangs. On September 19th, Manitou lost by 2 points to Faith Christian.

At their homecoming game on October 1st, Manitou beat Lamar by 22 points. The JV team has not won anymore games after this period.

Jayden Omi (10) has played football for four seasons, three of which have been at Manitou Springs High School.

Football has made my high school career a very unique experience,” said Omi. Omi said that football has allowed him to build character and create habits that make him to succeed.

Throughout the season, Omi has improved route running and catching, benefiting him overall as a receiver. For the next three seasons, he will improve upon his ability to take on bigger players. “It is essential from a safety standpoint that I be ready to take on bigger kids.”

Omi is primarily a JV player but switches up to Varsity when needed. “As a swinger of JV and Varsity I feel like I get the best of both worlds,” he said.

“I can’t help but look up to our seniors and juniors who are such amazing athletes and playmakers. As an athlete my goal is to eventually be like them.”

On Sept. 30, Omi was selected for the MaxPreps’ “Player of the Game” award in a game against the Lamar Savages where he made one tackle. He won another “Player of the Game” award against Salida on October 14, where he scored two points.

Omi will head to playoffs with the remainder of the varsity team.