Volleyball to Advance to Regionals


Talia Traxler, Reporter

Regionals is right around the corner for volleyball, as it is taking place this Friday at Valley in Gilcrest, CO.

Manitou is in class 3A and will be playing against Centauri High School and Valley High School. Centauri has a national rank of 7497 and a state rank of 155 with 11 wins and 11 losses. Valley has the potential of being more difficult with a national rank of 858 and a state rank of 14 with 18 wins and 5 losses.

Manitou’s stats are a national rank of 6155, a state rank of 133, and 12 wins to 10 losses. When asked if she believed her team was prepared, Marissa Thomas (10) said, “We conditioned enough and that helps so we’ll be fine. I think we definitely have good moments but it all depends on how we chose to play.” All regional winners will advance to state.