KKTV “Play of the Week” Goes to Manitou Football


Maddie Kelly, Reporter

Last Friday, the Mustangs played the Florence Huskies. KKTV, a local news station, always showcases a “Play of the Week” for high school football.

This week, Manitou’s Cole Sienknecht (11) and Lucas Rodholm (12) made that play. Sienknecht is the quarter back and he passed the ball to Lucas. The other team’s defense was strong and Rodholm was being dragged backwards by the jersey. He continued moving forward to make a touchdown for the team. Even though the Mustangs did not win, this was an impressive play.

Rodholm said that practice helped him a lot because he has learned to run routes, and the training helped him with the strength to pull through to the end zone. Overall, Rodholm thinks that the team played well for three quarters but they dug themselves a hole in the first quarter and they couldn’t recover.