Review: The Purge: Election Year


Chloe Armstrong , Reporter

The Purge is a set of three movies. The very first one, which is very simply titled, “The Purge” came out in 2013. The second one came out in 2014 and is named, “The Purge: Anarchy”. The third movie came out on July 1, 2016. This one was titled, “The Purge: Election Year”.

If you don’t know, these movies are about an annual event called “The Purge”. This is a twelve-hour period during the selected day of the year where everything is legal. The government in these fictional movies made this day to make crime rates go down and the homeless population decrease to almost zero. They did this to make it easier for them, and for there to be less work to do and less money to spend on prisons and homeless shelters.

The first movie of the trilogy was about a family that ran a company that made security systems for the night of “The Purge”. Their youngest son let in a homeless man that was running from some deranged people. In the end, the deranged people got into their house, trying to get to their victim. They didn’t get the man, the night ended and people died.

The second is about a few people that get stuck in the middle of everything when their car turns off. They get kidnapped, forced into some sick games and it ends with forgiveness.

The third Purge movie is about a senator running for president. She is against the Purge and wants to put an end to it. During one of them, she was forced to watch her family be brutally murdered in front of her. After this happening, she got into politics and then ran for president so she could put an end to it. This results in her meeting other people that advance into the plot, resulting in the end of the movie.

The movie was overall good but had some cracks in it. The deaths that happened in the movie were obvious, along with what the plot was going to be. That was honestly disappointing. Some of the minor humor in the movie was amusing. The costumes were well-crafted. This movie was good and is recommended for gore-loving people. It has dark themes.