Green Day Album Focuses on Social Issues


Chloe Armstrong , Reporter

On October 7, 2016, Green Day released a new album called “Revolution Radio”. This album is a fantastic new upbringing of their band.

Green Day is a pop punk band that was founded in 1986 in Berkeley, California. It has been seven years since the last album release. Their last album, “21st Century Breakdown”, was published in 2009. Before that, their last album was released in 2004. This new album has had similarities to all of the other albums Green Day has created. It seems to be very similar to “Bullet In A Bible”, “Kerplunk”, and “1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour”.

This whole album has been about the problems in the media and violence in America and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Revolution is a wise decision for a word in the title. Billy Joel Armstrong and his crew of band members chose well and the meaning behind the songs fit into this definition very well. Armstrong has said that all of the violence going on in America currently disturbs him. He also said that he wanted to make an album to address this and get it out there.

The second song, “Bang Bang”, was the first early release song to get the new album known and to make people hyped for it. The song is about the gun violence that is widespread across America. The song is told through the point of view of the shooter. Armstrong was inspired to make this song because of all of the mass shootings going on around the world.

Their first song on the album, “Somewhere Now”, has a very odd start. It isn’t like any other Green Day songs until later into it. It starts off kind of soothing, like an unplugged album, then it changes to punk a minute or so in.

Green Day releasing a new album brought attention to them. The songs accurately reflect the cracks in the government and social issues in America.