Sugar Ants in the Media Center


Chloe Armstrong and Yuji Zhong

On October 6, Yuji Zhong (11), Eryn McQueen (9) and Chloe Armstrong (9) discovered sugar ants in the back corner of the Media Center, under the big horse heads.

This is a problem for libraries, as ants can bite the leather furniture or books. A sign out front of the Media Center says, “No food or drink allowed in the Media Center.”

The students found a wrapper under a chair, along with many crumbs on the floor. This is most likely why the ants are inside of the Media Center. The sugar ants are attracted to spills, stains and other food traces.

The only way to prevent sugar ants in the media center, is for students to stop bringing food and drink in. Traps would work too, or bringing in an exterminator.

When ants invade a home, it is best to contact a pest control professional to properly identify the ant and develop an effective management strategy. Cleaning one corner where the ants are most found will never kill them all.