Editorial: Transgender Bathroom Law is Unconstitutional


mrtom-uk / iStock


Chloe Armstrong, Reporter

A law has been passed recently in North Carolina, and South Dakota, where transgender people cannot go into the bathroom that coincides with the gender they identify as. This is completely ridiculous; this will only insight violence against transgender individuals and only make matters worse. Some individuals think that transgender people could easily just be someone creeping on the other people in the bathroom. This is completely false.

A friend of mine recently came out as trans, which is pretty awesome and super courageous of him. He is the type of person that wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone creep on anyone. Although he is just a normal person, some people would still shame him for being who he is. I’m worried for him considering the discrimination, or even violence, he and many other transgender people around the world could face every day.

The law that passed about the bathrooms is discrimination.

The process to transition genders is an extremely exhaustive and can take many years to complete. Hormones and surgeries are expensive. A trans woman named Stephanie Brite, a famous drag queen, has recently came out to all of her fans. She cannot afford her surgeries, so she’s raising money using donations from fans and working for money of her own. There are many groups on the internet that can provide emotional, financial, and social support for transgender individuals in need. These can be extremely beneficial and can save human lives.

Trans people should be accepted for the way they are. People try to change the law to advance their discriminatory agendas and it is disgusting. A lot of people think that this law that has been passed in these states are unconstitutional and should not be allowed to exist in 2016. I hope that they can come to a change of heart and end this terrible discrimination against trans people.