Editorial: American Education is Mainly Sports

Chloe Armstrong, Reporter

My math teacher mentioned this book, “The Smartest Kids in the World.” He was talking about how in the end of it, the author went to this school tour that they were going to enroll their kids in, and on the end of the tour they asked a question: “What do you not want us parents to know about this school?” The employee of the school stood and thought for a second, then said something about how they didn’t have an admirable math academic course. To add to this, none of the other parents had anything to ask, but they then walked down to a cabinet with all of these sport trophies in it. Of course, that’s when the parents start talking. They want to know if the sports academics are good at all, what kinds there are, an things like that. They didn’t think of what kind of education their children are going to get. Only the sports they will play and if they will be on a great team or not. Things of that sort.
Sometimes in the middle of class ,the announcer thingy comes on, and the people call students out for their sport practice/game, when they could be learning and getting their education.
Also, in the book the author says that in the other countries, there are no school sports. It’s an extracurricular activity. That leaves time for the kids to work on their sports during the weekend when they have free time and their curricular’s during the week during school time, aka the time designated for school, and not for sports. Where here, its all just sports, sports, sports. Sports are important in a growing child’s life, but education is also a very crucial part of their life too. We start to practically train our kids here in America at a fast pace for the placement tests, or just tests in general. We don’t have one on one time with the kids, when we need lots more. One on one time helps early on in their development if we do more one on one stuff.
Our school system sucks here in America. It is just focused on sports it seems. Its like sports just trumps all. We need to make sports just an extra curricular thing in my opinion. We need more education so America can be as successful as we all know we can become.