Senioritis: What Are the Side Effects?

Seniors wear togas for one of the Homecoming dress up days in October. Seniors will have another session of dress up days for their final week of high school from May 6-10.
May 1, 2019

With the end of the school year drawing near, both students and teachers are faced with the crippling effects of senioritis. Senioritis is best described as a decrease in motivation during a student’s...

Spill the Tea: Inside Look at Digital Photo’s Latest Project

Meara Sauer (12) took this photo for her project in digital photography with Paul Bonner.
February 6, 2019

In his digital photo class, Paul Bonner assigned the class a project that pushed their creativity and made them tell a story with just photos. The project was coffee themed, but the students were allowed...

Spooky Photos in Digital Photo Class

Paige Smith (12) used photoshop and red lighting to accentuate a skull prop. Holding the camera above the subject, she created an interesting pose. Having fun with editing and lighting adjustments she created her favorite photo.
November 16, 2018

In Paul Bonner’s Digital Photo class, students learn to take interesting photos, use a camera, edit in photoshop and much more. Bonner’s goal for his digital photography class is to teach the understanding...

Horror for the Homeless

Horror for the Homeless
November 6, 2018

While going to see a movie after school seems like a fun time, for everyone that went to Rocky Horror on Sunday the 28th, they were also helping a great cause. By paying $3 or $5 to get into the show,...

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