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This bio cannot display the true scope of Max's glory. However, it is your safest way to get to know him (besides reading or hearing his stories on the Prospector, of course) because meeting him in reality will consume your life fulfillment so much, it will cut your lifetime in half. One reason for this effect is his hair.

He has the glorious main of a lion mixed with Thor's luxurious strands of gold that cascade down his back into a flowing stream of gleaming sunlight. If the wind blows it in your direction, you will hear the voice of Morgan Freeman narrating. He would be a wizard, but he is still needs an adequate beard. However, he does still have magic on his side when it comes to sound mastering.

He plans on going into the field of sound engineering after high school, and spends most of his time in the Prospector with in the audio and visual department. Being a musician, himself, he knows how things should sound and edits them until it becomes like you're ingesting gold through your ears.

Max Jonas Knaver, writer

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Max Jonas Knaver