Bryce Van Derveer
Bryce Van Derveer is a tie collector and a beignet eater. The most unique thing about him is the freckle on his toe. He is a dedicated cross country and track runner. When asked what he loves most about his sport, he said, "I love the family environment." He plays bass clarinet for band; for the GPA boost, of course. After he graduates, he wants to be a massage therapist or a chef, something with a stress-free environment. He is interested in the Tiny House Movement, which is a group of individuals who live in houses under 400 square feet. He likes this because its inexpensive, eco-friendly, and keeps you more in tune with how much stuff you own. His favorite color is most definitely orange. He joined mass media last semester, but soon transferred out. The thing he looks forward to most about this class is the literary freedom, and how he can basically write whatever he wants to.



Bryce Van Derveer, Reporter

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Bryce Van Derveer