Mr. Hilt

Timothy Michael Hilt, Advisor

“Growing up in Kansas was a lot different than here, we moved there when I was five and left when I was twelve. Being a kid there was literally just riding bikes and swimming in the daytime and catching fireflies in the night. One of my favorite memories was sitting glued to the T.V watching the Magnificent Seven win the Olympics. That was the year I really started understanding and appreciating sports. So when we took gold that year it was really big for me, it was just 'YEAH, SCREW THE RUSSIANS!'”

English teacher Mr. Hilt wasn’t always the vocabulary-assigning, "I accidentally put your final papers in my fireplace” person we all tolerate. In fact, he wasn’t even good at English until halfway through his freshmen year. His mother being left brained and having a career in medicine, Hilt could have turned out completely different if it hadn’t been for public school.

One of the biggest influences on his English career was his freshmen and junior English teacher. “This was a classic 90’s hipster with Doc Martens and a double major in Drama and English. Performing Shakespeare and reading Ray Bradbury were things we did a lot in his class, that’s where my love for Bradbury came from.” Despite his love for Bradbury, if Hilt was ever stranded on an island –to be left to his own devices- he would bring a copy of the Bible, for its length and stories that are up to interpretation.

Along with the Bible, he’d also bring a copy of The Princess Bride and the Counting Crows Greatest Hits album. Listening to hipster trash bands that no one's heard of go right up there with Hilt's other hobbies - grading papers, longboarding with his two cats, and communism.  His most well known and beloved hobbie that he inflicts on his sophmore class is poetry. The most influencial poet in his life is Carl Sandburg.

Hilt was first exposed to Sandburg because his large mouth of course got him in trouble. He and a few friends were made to read love poems to all the girls in class because he was of course talking when he shouldn’t have been. The first work he read by Sandburg was "Little Word, Little White Bird", and he's been smitten with the poet ever since.

Disregarding his love and respect for poetry, if he could go back and do it all over again his preferred profession would have been a rockstar. Along with wanting to be a sell-out, if given the opportunity he'd like to pretend to be a ghost in a graveyard.

Just in case those oppurtunties present themselves, or Hilt leaves Manitou in a blaze of glory, he’d like his last words to you all to be: “Do not hesitate to be an explorer, there are things in life you are never going to be able to define or answer and those things make people the most comfortable and our goal is to take up residence in a comfort zone. I think the happiest people in the world are the people that come to grips with the reality that truth doesn't exist and the world is incredibly inconsistent. We should revel in the mystery and explore the mystery and be happy in the exploration. Especially in this stage of your life, you should be able to explore the most in your teenage years instead of putting pressure on yourself to try to define who you are. Revel in that constant change because it just doesn't go away.”

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Timothy Michael Hilt