Meet January’s “Mustangs of the Month”

Anela Wright, Reporter

Monique (Mo) Heiniger (11) and Tyler Jungbauer (10) are January’s Mustangs of the Month. This decision has been applauded, as both Heiniger and Jungbauer have been praised as great students.

“Mo got stuck in a tree trying to get a stuffed animal for my cousin, we had to call the fire department without my dad knowing,” said Becca Heniger (10), Mo’s sister. Now, however, Heiniger is known to jump at most chances that come her way. Earlier this year, she got a banner approved to hang above the street in Manitou, advertising student council’s annual Drive Smart week.

Jungbauer, being someone who may not talk a lot, thinks a lot, according to Nathan Plush
(10). “Tyler and I talk about theology, different religions, history. It always fun to do that because he understands what I understand in a way,” said Plush.

Jungbauer is a praised as being a very intelligent person, who studies subject most teenagers don’t take an interest to. He has spent time on the school’s robotics team, and often writes editorials for the Prospector.

Mustangs of the Month are decided each month. Stay tuned to discover who will be chosen in February.