The Danger of the Paris Riots

Alyssa Rash, Junior Reporter

As The New York Times recently reported in the article, “What Travelers Need to Know About the Paris Riots”, protesters addressed as “Yellow Vests” are causing mass trouble across the city. Yellow Vests are protesting against the rise in gas taxes, leading to dangerous riots. These threatening meetings include looting and burning cars. These overbearing protests have happened for the past few Saturdays causing shops, metro stations and churches to close, slowing down their business. The U.S took action, creating Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ( S.T.E.P.), a platform to input a travel schedule providing emergency escapes in dangerous situations.

Despite the precautions, the U.S hasn’t changed its travel warning being a 2 (1-4 range) for Paris. This may cause people to not take riots seriously, going without being prepared for them. Covering more about the protests and reasons why they are happening would give more background to the issue. More details on the protesters and dangers of their acts would clear up confusion to travelers.

Informing citizens about the attacks more while increasing travel warning could lead to fewer people getting involved in protests. Research shows that Yellow Vest gatherings are some of the worst urban violence occurrences since the 1968 uprisings. Warning natives and travelers can reduce risk while having more police on watch. Instead of just focusing on American audiences, warn others that may be close by in need of escape.