Seeing Double with Trina and Rebecca Borst


Yuji Zhong, Reporter

Trina (10) and Rebecca (10) Borst are twins. They attend Manitou Springs High School and participate in many of the same activities, but they are also monumentally different people.

Trina likes art, reading and sports, and she is on the school cross country team. Rebecca loves to watch movies and dance. Trina is an extrovert, whereas Rebecca is an introvert. Rebecca loves pink but Trina hate it.

The twins have an older sister and brother as well. Their older sister is 26 and married, while their brother is 19 years old. Trina is really close to all of her siblings, but Rebecca is only close to Trina. Trina said “We are kind of stuck together because I don’t think we could ever live in different states!”

Trina and Rebecca bond over their love for animals. They have six pets and they take care of them together.

“Even though Rebecca is my sibling, she is also my best friend, and it is so special when there is someone who looks a lot like you,” said Trina.