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Atlee Barrow, Junior Reporter

Barrow has had countless Strange experiences throughout her life and has reason to believe in the paranormal and that a ghost has been haunting her family for years. “I believe in ghosts,” said Barrow. “Weird things have happened to me and it’s hard to explain it.”

Three years ago, Barrow’s grandmother was walking her dog when she ran into a young girl, around 16 years old with short black hair, wearing a faded yellow dress that was torn up and muddy.

This wasn’t just some teenage girl walking through the woods though, according to Barrow. “My grandma asked if she was okay and she started screaming bloody murder,” Barrow said. “No one believed her about it until the girl started pacing up and down the driveway.”

Fast forward to just 3 months ago, Barrow was staying with her grandparents at their house in the woods. She decided to take a walk into the woods, which she would soon regret. “I was about a mile into the woods and I couldn’t see any houses,” said Barrow. “I wasn’t even sure which way I came from.”

Barrow continued her walk through the woods, now far away from any civilization. “The entire time I felt like someone was following me,” said Barrow, “or just watching me.” Then, from behind a tree, Barrow heard a rustling and a young girl with short black hair and a torn yellow dress stepped out. “She fit my grandma’s description perfectly,” Barrow said. “I sprinted back to the house, but I could hear her following me the whole way there.”

Barrow hasn’t seen the yellow-dressed ghost since that incident, but she has the impression that it wasn’t the last she would see of her. “I’m not sure if it was paranormal or not,” said Barrow. “But the fact that she looked exactly the same and didn’t age is just really creepy.”

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Atlee Barrow