• November 29UCCS visits MSHS from 9:45-10:05am on February 15th.

  • November 29Forensics at World Schools Debate from 3:45-8:00pm on February 21 at Woodland Park.

  • September 4Girls Basketball vs. Vanguard from 6-7:30pm at MSHS.

  • July 30Wrestling Regionals from 3-6pm on February 15th at Central High School.

Phoenix Stogdill (11) is a creative, smart and kind person who has formed a very sincere passion for gaming. He started at a young age: “It started with the NES, that started the downward spiral,” said Stogdill. His favorite game is a computer game named “Team Fortress 2”, which he has spent a little under 5,000 hours on. 

He also has an interest in technology. Stogdill constructed his very first PC (personal computer) when he was just 13. He has made a couple better ones since then, though. He still has the old Frankenstein of a computer for nostalgic reasons. With his impressive knowledge of gaming and technology, Stogdill is on the road to becoming his dream occupation: a game director.

Phoenix Stogdill, Junior Reporter

The student news site of Manitou Springs High School