• March 19Dive-In Movie on March 22nd at Manitou Pool from 7:30-10:00pm ($10-To get in)

  • March 19Spring Break starts March 25th and ends in March 31st.

  • March 15Baseball has a tournament on March 20, March 21, and March 22 at Home.

  • February 27World Language and Culture Night is on March 20th at 5 p.m.

  • February 27Bring your formal wear to Mrs. Kerrigan and shop at WLACN to donate to NHS.

Paige Laurie
“I’m not a big fan of change,” said Paige Laurie (10). Regardless of her distaste for difference, Laurie moved to Manitou Springs with her family in July. They decided to move here from Minnesota after visiting Colorado in March. “It is a change of pace and scenery," said Laurie.

Laurie spent her first year of high school through online school, so she is excited to be in an actual school again. She was nervous at first, but has quickly become comfortable. “I was worried about fitting in at first, but my older sister helped me with that. We eat lunch together and we have a class together which is nice. I didn’t have to worry about making friends immediately,” said Laurie

Laurie is looking forward to getting involved and making new friends through the year. Her sister quickly got involved with MSHS’s soccer program and Laurie is thinking of following in her footsteps. “I’d like to do soccer in the spring and maybe join some clubs,” Laurie said. “ I want to meet some new fun people.”

Paige Laurie, Junior Reporter

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