• November 29No School on January 21th, Martin Luther King Jr Observance.

  • November 29Girl’s Basketball @ Home on January 22nd from 4:30-5:30pm at MSHS.

  • September 4Wrestling Meet @ Home on January 25th from 4-6pm at MSHS (Senior Night).

  • August 24Neon Dance on January 19th from 8-11pm at MSHS.

Meara Sauer
Meara Sauer (12) has a passion for art and horseback riding alike. “I do a lot of everything,” Sauer said. “I do drawing and painting and a little bit of photography, but I like painting.” Though, with every activity, comes a drawback. “Sometimes you get a creative block,” said Sauer. “Also, art stuff is very expensive.” Even addressing the downsides, she still feels that art will follow her wherever she goes.

Sauer feels that horseback riding is “calming” and “[feels] just right.” The activity brings her both confidence and an adrenaline rush. However, just like her art, riding comes with its own downsides. “My horse has a lot of problems,” Sauer said. “Recently his back is sore. It’s not hop-on-and-go; they have issues and sometimes they hurt.” Through all the difficulties, Sauer explains that “horses will just stay with me throughout my life.” Sauer has high hopes about her hobbies, though. “[They’ll] probably be the death of me,” she said.

Meara Sauer, Junior Reporter

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