• March 19Dive-In Movie on March 22nd at Manitou Pool from 7:30-10:00pm ($10-To get in)

  • March 19Spring Break starts March 25th and ends in March 31st.

  • March 15Baseball has a tournament on March 20, March 21, and March 22 at Home.

  • February 27World Language and Culture Night is on March 20th at 5 p.m.

  • February 27Bring your formal wear to Mrs. Kerrigan and shop at WLACN to donate to NHS.

Henry Ilyasova
Henry Ilyasova (9) runs Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) Cross Country and does mountain biking. Ilyasova’s favorite of the two sports is mountain biking because of how adventurous the activity is. 

This year, Ilyasova is taking Journalism at MSHS and is enjoying the class. “I thought it would just be yearbook stuff honestly,” Ilyasova said. “But it’s actually pretty fun.”

Although there are certain classes he appreciates, there are also some he could most likely live without. “Math; it sucks because I have no clue how to do anything and it’s way too hard,” Ilyasova said.

Sitting through an hour and a half of a class that you despise can really drain you. As awful as that sounds, imagine experiencing this terrifying near-death experience. “I was mountain biking down a hill and crashed into a sharp rock. I flipped off the bike and almost plummeted down the steep hill,” he said.

Ilyasova is very daring and loves trying new things, meaning he might spend his money frivolously on things that are a little questionable. “I bought a hundred dollar scooter meant for five-year-olds and I got bad back pain from it,” Ilyasova said. “I think it was from Walmart.”

Henry Ilyasova, Junior Reporter

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