New Video Game on the Rise: Torchlight 2


People love their video games, be it on their phones or a computer. Laptops or cell phones are things people get addicted to quite easily. For many people, Laptop games are the key to relaxation. Torchlight 2 is a point and click style adventure plat former, made for those with a love for creation. Beginning in the Estarian Enclave is just the first part of the game, out of the one hundred different levels you can travel through. Quests and treasure are also a fun part of this creative game! In an interview with Mr. Nishimoto of the Manitou Springs School District, he says: “I just started playing the game. I’ve had it forever on my computer, but I’ve never really got around to playing it. It’s fun.”. This game can also be used to create another. Using the GUTS feature of Torchlight 2, players have access to a selection of monsters, NPC’s and level pieces they can use to design their own levels! Classes for this kind of work can be found down at the Denver University with the ID Tech camp, as one of our own journalists has experienced. The monster selection includes NPC’s, animals, pets, skeletons, and many more! You can create mountains of lava or a village of skeletons! The possibilities range all the way to the millions! If you don’t like blood and gore, just go to the control board and switch it off! This game can be used with younger kids who love computer technology, too! Psst! We also have word that there may be a class teaching with this software coming sometime to this school.