A Semi-Arid Spring

Today is a good day, it is looking like it is finally Spring time! The birds chirping, a glorious golden sun shining down on all, kids playing and laughing, flowers blooming, a fresh blue canvas spotted with light fluffy clouds for a fresh faced world to behold.

You can tell Spring is coming here at Manitou, just look outside. Oh, wait. What? It’s snowing?

Umm, like I was saying, you can tell Spring is about to well, bluster on in here at Manitou if you look outside…in about an hour.

Yessiree, you may think it’s beginning to continue to remain looking very much like Christmas, but I’m confident that here in the good old Rocky Mountain semi-arid climate, Spring weather is just moments away.

Just look away from the window for a second. I saw that, no peaking. Maybe shut the blinds as well, and come back in a minute.

Go on and take a look out your window now. Go ahead. Well, what did I tell you! Oh, still cold and, frankly rather gloomy, huh?

Well, maybe tomorrow.

By Jon Harmor