The White Harbinger

Ahh, winter. Where the beginning of the snows end is as boundless and ebbing as the expanse of the sea. White flurries drift down from the heavens’ mouth, gently disembarking from their sky bound journey on our streets, doorsteps, the beautiful mountain scenery, and our hearts.

This awe inspiring white ingress instantly brings to mind strong desires of bundling up all nice and warm, going inside, and continuing with ones daily studies here at Manitou Springs High School.

Even with ice, sleet, and snow blanketing the ground, all here at Manitou agree that the day’s time would be better spent on education. Though a great and potentially dangerous trek, the undeniable benefit of a day’s erudition pulls beyond all else as one day away would be far to detrimental to the average student and faculty members.

Most would be sure to attend on such achromatic of days, despite the obvious life risks, simply because they value the gain of one day of decent education out of one-hundred and seventy other days of the year more than their own life. One can not frivolously expend their hard earned taxpaying education, instead of a moderate risk of loss of life, limb, and education, should be taken into our own hands and lives.

On behalf of the student body, I believe I speak for us all and the best interests that lie therein;  please, I implore the administration to mull over this thought seriously, we all wish to not miss any school whatsoever, no matter the conditions that may be present, but our education is far too important.

By Jon Harmor