MSHS Students thrive in yoga class


Photo by Joy Vernon

According to several students, Joy Vernon’s new yoga class is proving to be one of the most beneficial programs offered here at Manitou Springs High School. Through yoga, students are learning many valuable life skills, from how to relax to nutritious eating.

“I believe that it’s important for teenagers to learn to be self- sufficient, and know that they have control over their own thoughts and body,” said Vernon.

Yoga also helps kids put down stereotypes and learn to be less judgmental, which is something all high school students could stand to know.

“It gives [students] an opportunity to get to know each other in a safe environment because you’re just doing yoga, you’re not worried about what shoes you’re wearing,” said Vernon.

Photo by Joy Vernon
Photo by Joy Vernon

Junior Rhiannon Nevinczenko and senior Megan Williams both said that yoga has helped them relieve stress and meditate.

“I’ve learned how to better ground myself… and focus on me,” said Williams.

Students learn different aspects of yoga every day of the week. On Mondays and Tuesdays, they work on strengthening and building focus. Wednesdays are saved for partner activities, and on Thursday, students learn how to relax and restore their bodies. Friday is game day, and those are the days that help students make connections with each other.

Photo by Joy Vernon
Photo by Joy Vernon

However, it is difficult to get into the class, and there is almost always a waiting list.

“It’s hard to get into my class, so they all know it’s a privilege to be here,” said Vernon, “I’ve actually had parents call me… and say ‘Please can you let my kid into your class’ which is a pretty cool thing.”

Other schools in the Colorado Springs area teach yoga, but it’s usually only a unit in gym class or every other week. Manitou is the only school to have a program that is curriculum based.

When asked what she hopes for the future, Vernon says she just wants everyone to get a chance to experience her class.

“Yoga isn’t just about being flexible, yoga’s about learning to be happy,” said Vernon.

By Hannah Tooley