Prime Time or Time on the Line?


Many students have been enraged over the lack of free time between classes, particularly at lunch. The increase in time exuding forth from useless sessions of advisee has driven the student body to near madness.

Time is a valuable asset in the world of high school and time management is imperative. Students must find the time to complete vast workloads for classes that consume the bulk of their day. Some manage well and are rewarded with a moment for their own leisure. Others deeply crave the time inside of school to do what others manage outside and share in the leisure.

Prime-Time was given to those who needed it. But what about the remainder of those with less fruitful deeds to be done? Should those responsible enough to complete their studies early be punished for their dastardly deeds with twenty-five minutes of wasted time?

Perhaps, as with many other solutions, the answer lies in yet another change. Those dependent upon the current system should not be left with the short end of the straw either, though. A system is needed where studies can be done, whilst time spent otherwise can be just as academically rewarding when used for a more archaic rejuvenation.

Lunch time is the perfect time. As it is, lunch is already on the shorter side, making it difficult to replenish and revitalize before the upcoming third block class.

If the twenty-five minutes were amalgamated, side by side with lunch, then all will appreciate the relaxing qualities inevitably therein. This would be a privilege of course, where those that need more time for academia would better from a period of study. Grades could be tracked in such a way that better grades gave the privilege of a longer lunch. If however, ones grades were on the lower end of the spectrum, this privilege would be revoked and a mandatory study hall with the coinciding teacher of the particular subject, would replace.

By Jon Harmor