Manitou drama students bring home 1st


Photo by Hannah Tooley

Manitou High School drama students beat out ten schools to get first place at the One-Act competition on Friday, Feb. 1. Manitou was the only 3A school to compete.

The play, Andromeda’s Galaxy, featured a high-school girl named Anne who has a boyfriend that treats her poorly; how she is going to deal with him is ultimately her decision. However, there was a twist. The entire play is told through the context of Star Trek.

“She essentially says this is my brain, this is my brain on Star Trek, and this is how I process my life, through Star Trek,” said Wendy Harms, director of the play and drama teacher at Manitou Springs High School.

The judges loved the cleverness of the piece, as well as the characterizations by the different actors.

“[The judges] talked about how they appreciated our realism, and that we didn’t go as over the top as we could’ve,” said Emily Lord, who played Meda, the captain of the Star Trek-esque ship.

Photo by Hannah Tooley
Photo by Hannah Tooley

However, it wasn’t always smooth-sailing. Most of the cast members hadn’t been to competition before, so it took them awhile to commit to the process.

“I can work my butt off rehearsing them, but until they make the commitment that they’re going to own it, nothing happens,” said Harms.

In the end, they demonstrated their drive to win, and they have a first place trophy to prove it.

“That’s what ultimately wins it for them is that they decide they’re going to make it into something fantastic,” said Harms.

Manitou’s first place finish marks the second year in a row that they’ve taken home the top prize.

Auditions for a musical will be held in a couple weeks, and later in spring, there will be auditions for the student directed plays.

By Hannah Tooley