Virus threatens school

By Renae Musekamp

By Renae Musekamp

Wash your hands, kids, or you may have to miss a few days of school. That’s the report coming from both the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). A strand of stomach flu called Norovirus is making rounds through schools and child care facilities throughout Colorado. Symptoms of this virus include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache, muscle aches, abdominal cramps, chills, and general feelings of uneasiness.

The virus can be easily spread from person to person, as well as through contact with contaminated surfaces (tables, doorknobs, keyboards, phones, etc.). It usually takes about a day for the virus to become active, and symptoms can last anywhere between one to three days.

By Renae Musekamp

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, “People are most contagious from the moment they begin feeling ill until at least 48 hours after recovery.” So it is very important for students or staff who feel sick to stay home.

Although all of these symptoms are pretty terrible, the most dangerous effect of this virus is dehydration. says that drinking broth and sports drinks can help people rehydrate during recovery.

Just by doing simple things such as, washing hands after using the restroom, before eating, or before handling anyone else’s food are easy ways to prevent the spread of Norovirus. Although hand sanitizer can be used to kill most germs, washing hands is the only sure way to kill everything. Disinfecting frequently touched items can also help stop the virus from spreading.

By Hannah Tooley