Drive Smart organizes surprise mock car crash

Drive Smart organizes surprise mock car crash

Manitou Springs High School Student Council arranged an elaborate mock car crash in the parking lot of the high school on Thursday, November 8.

The scene featured two smashed-up cars facing each other, one supposedly belonging to senior KC Quarry and the other to junior Camille Mourdock.

In the former car, freshman Koan French could be seen sprawled across the hood through the windshield with plenty of fake blood and glass covering his body.

Quarry was taken away in handcuffs, much to the dismay of his father, Rob Quarry, after it was discovered that his texting while driving had led to the mock tragedy.

Quarry gave his thoughts on his predicament from the back of a police car.

Mourdock’s mother was also on scene, feigning dismay at the sight of her daughter in a wreck.

Also in Mourdock’s car was sophomore Katelinn Root, decked out in fake blood and unconscious.

Senior Kailah Buchanan, a STUCO officer who narrated the mock crash scene from a stage, announced the supposed death of French, who had not been wearing his seat belt and had launched through the windshield.

Root, who participated in the mock crash, and senior Luke Reichart reacted to the presentation they had just seen.


By Keegan Bockhorst