Joe is a boss


I had the privilege of going and seeing Vice President Joe Biden speak in Pueblo. I arrived in pueblo an hour or so before doors opened on Saturday, Nov. 3.  A long line had already began forming outside the doors of a Pueblo high school. Secret service agents and swat officers lined the roof tops intently watching the crowds gathering below. Campaign peddlers strolled up and down the length of the line shouting out prices for buttons and t-shirts. There was an excited buzz about the crowd, anticipating the opening of the doors.

At 1:00 the doors opened and the crowd slowly began moving through the highschool double doors and through security. When I finally got to the doors, I was able to see the security process. 5 or 6 metal detectors were set up in the front entrance hall. Police officers stood behind them wanding people down, closly monitored by the ever watching secret service agents.

After passing through the metal dectectors I made my way to the gymnasim. Inside the gym people stood gathered around a stage decorated in red white and blue streamers. A lonely podium sat centered on the stage with a huge “Forward!” sign hung directly behind. Traditional Mexican Mariachi music filled the air and several dancers preformed on a seperate stage off to the side. As the crowds shuffled in, a volenteer handed out signs to everyone coming in the door. They were blue with big bold lettering reading “Forward!” matching the giant one behind the podium.

After 30 minutes or so the first speakers took the podium. The first was a small local business owner who excited the crowd with a few inspirational words.

The next speaker was Senator Mark Udall. He gave a short firery speech which really got the crowd pumped. Hundreds of “Forward!” signs waved in the air and people began chanting “we want joe! we want Joe!” over and over again. After several minutes of listening to blarring courntry music, an elderly woman, also a local small business owner, was givin the honor of introducing the Vice President. The crowd roared as Joe took the podium. He had to wait several minutes for the sreaming and sign waving to die down before he could begin speaking. Then began his engaging speech. The crowd listened, hanging on his every word. Occasional appluse and more sign waving would erupt as he insulted Romney and powerfully supported the policies of Obama. His speech ended with deafening applause and peole crowed against the metal event fence reaching toward him as he walked through the crowd.

I pushed through the crowd to the very edge of the fence next to the door where Biden would exit.  Joe slowly made his way down the length of the fence, shaking hands and  smiling for pictures.  I stood waiting in anticipation as he slowly makes his way toward me.  Finally , he came within reach, and I extended my hand toward him, shouting his name.

I feared that he would pass me by due to the hundreds of expectant people.  But, just before he left he reached out and shook my hand.  It was truly an honor to shake the hand of such an idolized man.  I was able to exit the school just in time to wave at his motorcade as it carried him away to deliver more speeches across the nation in preparation for election day.

By John Christensen