Cow Evolution, The Hottest New App


Tabby. L. Nevinczenko

The start of the game that is taking over Manitou High.

Tabby Nevinczenko, reporter

Every year the student body at Manitou gets hooked on a new game. Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, and now- Cow Evolution.

This trend started at a G.S.T.A meeting right before homecoming. One student plays, another witnesses the game, now the whole school is becoming addicted. Each day students strive to create the ultimate cow. Every period a child jumps out of their seat from the joy of discovering a new, magnificent cow.

In some ways the student body is hindered by this app,but in others assisted. Manitoids sometimes find this game to be a bad distraction from their studies. But others use it to bribe themselves to get the work done.

Cow evolution is a game where the player receives a baby cow periodically. The player combines the cows that they receive to create a more gruesome, outrageous, and disturbing breed of cow; until the player has created a God Cow. The twist to this game is that these cows poop- a lot. The poop is how the player receives virtual money which is used to buy more cows.

For Manitou’s procrastinators-watch out. This could be udder cow-tastrophe for your grades.