The Smoking Section Mix

Phoenix Davis

The question, “Would you like to sit in a smoking or non-smoking section?” is no longer used in restaurants. This playlist was inspired by the days of when puffing away on a cigarette while enjoying a meal at a diner was still socially acceptable.

The first thing that makes me think of smoking sections is the voices of melancholy Country  stars, such as the hauntingly soothing melodies of Patsy Cline, or the broken hearted songs of Tammy Wynette. Then spice it up with the raspy, southern comfort scented, voice of Janis Joplin!

So whether you’re a chain smoking Waitress named Flo, A fan of the depressing noises made by Old Time Country Stars, have a broken heart, or just simply don’t have anything to do, The Smoking Section Mix is where it’s at!

By Phoenix Davis