Custodians Have a Case of the Broom Closet Blues

Custodian John Mason’s soulful voice drives “Key to the Highway” to perfection, carries the emotion across “Crossroads”, and lays down the mood for all of the other songs.

--Listen to several tracks recorded over the course of two days in the band room-- --All of the songs are downloadable--

Jon Harmor

Every Thursday, a number of students join FAIM instructor Sam Wachtler in music jam and theory sessions that have become known as ‘Sam’s Jam’. Recently, custodians John Mason and Peter Sheloski joined the jam to play the blues.

Mason and Sheloski have played music in the SILC band room with students Seth Keul (12) and Jon Harmor (12) previously on several occasions before joining Sam’s Jam. Typically, a Thursday music session starts with some improvised playing or with songs they all choose to learn by the end of the semester. Then, near the end, Wachtler teaches music theory ranging from the circle of fifths to the history of a tritone–the so called ‘Devil’s Interval’.

A big part of it all is learning musical diversity. Wachtler tries to open everyone to many styles of music, as do the students for Wachtler. The addition of the custodians brought new styles of music and songs to learn. Mason and Sheloski brought a fresh drive to the improv using classic blues and soulful playing. 

Other students in the Broom Closet Blues recordings include: Tabby Nevinczenco (9), Max Hexom (9), and Taylor Mattson (10).

By Jon Harmor