Lucian Castilleja

It was April 2021 around the 10th.

I was not that happy at that time because I was trying to grow up too fast, which wasn’t ideal, but I tried getting my mind off things by trying to find love, to get a girlfriend. I succeeded.

I had a very nice and pretty girlfriend and we just started dating. It was great! We spent day by day together, nights as we cared about each other, and I was finally a little bit happy in my life. I even used to carry her from my house all the way to the park and we would just gaze at the sky, the fluffy clouds. We would talk about everything. She wasn’t materialistic, but then … an inconvenient message arrived a couple of days later.

The girl I liked with all my heart told me she had feelings for someone else. As she told me, I was thinking in my little head, “wow this is bad”, but I was extremely mad and was not thinking straight if anything. I could trust her and understand she wanted the best for us because she also told me she had broken it off with him. But no, I wasn’t thinking right or critically, so I broke up with her. I couldn’t trust her I thought… I was sad and infuriated for a couple of weeks. I felt half bad and half confused. I went on with my life for several months even though my mom kept in contact with her because the girl would message her. I told my mom several times I didn’t want anything to do with her.

Four months passed and I came back from school. My mom was sitting on our couch in the living room, and she told me I had a child. I was quite confused, but during the time it was straightforward, honesty. So, I was very unbalanced and mad and sad with all these emotions; but knew that I was 16 and was just having a lot of fun with friends, so my note to myself was, “Your life is ruined, you can’t do anything anymore.”

She was 5 months pregnant already, which meant I really didn’t have an option for anything, so I thought I’d be mature and take care of everything which I did for four more months, and around winter break he was born: Santiel. He is now a month and a week and very healthy and now my life is stable and very interesting.