Letter to the editor

Ella Vaillancourt

Dear Editor,

It takes me ten minutes to fill up a water bottle, heat up my food and get all of my friends together to go eat outside when we rush. We get out of our second block classes at 11:40 if we are lucky to get out right as the bell rings and lunch ends at 12:10. So by the time I get outside it’s already 11:50; and I only have twenty minutes left to eat, talk, and enjoy our small break from learning. And on top of all of that my time is even further constrained if I have to use the restroom because most teachers don’t let you leave class.

Many days, I end up eating as fast as I can because I don’t have time to enjoy my food and take care of the other 5-10 things I’m expected to use my time for.

According to Dr. Heinberg, the head for Phycology in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Behavioral Health, “People should take more than 20 minutes to eat a meal — ideally about 30 minutes — so that you can have an opportunity for your brain to catch up with your stomach.”

Therefore, the 30 minutes allowed is far too little to work and flow properly. This even greater affects the students that opt for school lunch and waste anywhere from 5-15 minutes waiting in line before finding their friends going to the bathroom or anything else for that matter.

It is my opinion and the shared opinion of my peers that we should cut 15 minutes from advisory and add to our lunch.


Ella Vaillancourt

[email protected]