Letter to the editor

Raymond McCaskey

Dear Editor,

The MSHS baseball field is in desperate need for upgrades and changes. A field is one of the most influential parts of any sport and can make a big impact on player performance and safety. A bad field can impede on making game changing plays or even running in some circumstances.

The outfield for example is extremely uneven and has many dips/valleys in it. While playing in the outfield you cannot focus on where you are stepping because your full attention is on tracking the path of the ball and taking a route to get there.

My freshman year, while playing center field, I was chasing after a pop fly in center-right field full speed and right as I reached out to catch the ball there was a massive dip in the grass and I landed unbalanced on my foot which only resulted in a mild ankle roll. This experience was extremely scary because it could have ended very differently and something like an uneven field could have resulted in me breaking my ankle or other bones and ending my season.

Although I fully recovered, many future athletes could not be as fortunate. If a field induced injury were to occur then the school could be put in danger of a lawsuit that would cost them more money than just repairing/improving the field.

The field should be leveled out with lots of dirt and grass to allow it to be completely level with no valleys or hills that could induce injury. Costs can range from tens of thousands of dollars to a couple million depending on the repairs needed. Regardless of the price, it should be viewed as a safety precaution rather than an unnecessary expense for the school.



Raymond McCaksey

[email protected]