New Club Alert: Peace Jam

Community service is a big part of today’s life. But volunteering and making the world better is hard work. One organization, Peace Jam, is showing students how to know societal issues better and understand why the people affected need help. After a recent introduction to the organization, some students have decided to bring Peace Jam to Manitou.

Two weeks ago, students had a opportunity to visit Peace Jam in the Denver Art Centre.

“My understanding of Peace Jam is that it’s more than a bandaid for issues in our community. It solves the root problems of society,” said senior Merkin Karr. “I gained insight into the world around us and helping our ever changing community.”

That lunch meant a lot for students, because they saw people who developed the organization from the beginning.

One of the sophomores who attended, McKenzie Allen said she learned about Peace Jam’s goals.

“The Peace Jam lunch basically gave me an idea of what the group means to people.”

At the lunch, Allen met Nobel laureates and heard their stories. For example, Betty Williams, who is one of the beginners of Peace Jam, told about her volunteering experience.

All the students learned how Peace Jam works in schools. Students create special events like “Day without Hate ” to stop bullying.

Now, Peace Jam will soon be a club at Manitou.

In its earliest stages, the club doesn’t have designated student officers yet, but Merkin Karr says that isn’t stopping them from planning.

“As a club we will look at issues in our community and dig down to find the cause and come up with plans to solve them. We haven’t figured out exactly what, but I can tell you this much, we’re going to make a difference!”

Peace Jam is advised by social studies teacher Tyler Jones. They meet Fridays before school in Jones’ room, Room 16.

By Irina Vetoshkina