Dear Editor,
As I type this, I sit on my comfortable couch, which sits in the middle of my cozy living room. It’s difficult to accept that we are all here again- sitting at home, waiting for any positive message from our inboxes. I’m sure that many of us were expecting this- I know that I wasn’t surprised to hear about a switch to remote learning. Despite my initial excitement, my stomach lurched at the thought of being at home again.

My at-home experience has been nothing special. I have been in the same room, on the same couch, multiple times now. This situation isn’t ideal, and I believe that many of us feel the same way. These walls have seen it all: frustration due to homework overloads, unparalleled stress, and nervousness from administration’s emails. Despite everything, my experience has taught me to stay hopeful.

I believe that it’s best to have hope in these types of situations, even if adversity continues to spawn. It’s important to recognize that things can always get better. It’s also crucial to know that we’re not alone. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to function throughout these changes without my friends. If all goes well, I’ll be sure to thank them for their support (in-person). Until then, I’ll be situated on my comfy couch, hoping for the best.

Chloe Rankin, Gr. 12