To the Editor —

The year 2020 will undoubtedly be unforgettable. This past year has been intense with its relentless waves of adversity crashing down on our communities, truly unearthing the honest problems that our families face in crisis. From racial disparities to political uncertainty, and not to mention the global pandemic, each of us are being challenged in our daily lives. It can be frustrating to work around the situation and find solutions on short notice when a class won’t load, or the motivation to go to an online class isn’t quite there. The waves of hardship continue to break upon everything we knew before, forcing each of us to adapt without hesitation. Change can be hard to accept. It bursts in unexpectedly, parading around without a care in the world, but it is crucial for upcoming generations to see the possibility that they can bring their innovations to life. As the impending winter creeps into our comfort zones, we must keep focused. Remote learning separates us from our communities, but this time there is hope. This time, there is a likeliness that we will return to our classrooms and talk about the craziness of our world and how we can embrace it. And then maybe, just maybe, these moments of isolation will arise a sense of fortuity and strength within us.

Lauren Boyd

Class of 2021