MSHS Cheerleaders Win First Competition


Nichole Delany

Cheer captain Susie Robbins demonstrates a lift at the Manitou v. Florence football game on Sept. 27

The cheerleaders had something to prove at the October 24 Douglas County High School competition. They won the competition last year, in fact they’ve won the state competition the past two years.

At competition, after all the schools have performed their five-part routines, its a tradition for all cheerleaders to stand in a circle, holding their hands, while the judge pronounces the name of the name of the winning teams. This is an unforgettable moment for cheerleaders to feel at every competition.

When their name was called as the winner, the cheerleaders were so happy, because they had practiced hard since September.

Senior Emily Lord has been on the team for two years. She is one of the bases this year. Prepping for this competition is the same as it has always been for her.

“I usually don’t nervous. For some reason I don’t really get nervous until I’m looking at the mat. I just think’oh, I got this. We’ll be great’, and then I get there and freak out!” Lord said.

Manitou cheerleaders competed against two teams, Faith Christian and University. Sophomore Eliana Reagin says the competition can vary.

“The other teams in our division are very diverse. Some are not so good when others are very tough to beat,” Reagin said.

The next competition will be November 14. The competition will be at Salida High School . Manitou cheerleaders are going to compete against Saint Mary’s, Delores Huerte, Beuna vista.

Until then, the cheerleaders practice two hours every day to improve their routine. Lord says, “We’re just practicing as hard as we can! We know what we need to improve and how we’ll do that, now it’s just turning words into action!”

The entire routine is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It takes about 3 months to perfect it and the entire summer to get ready,” Reagin said.

By Irina Vetoshkina