Middle School to High school

Transitioning from middle school to high school is a pretty big deal. To some people it’s hard been and to others it’s nothing. So many things change as you get into high school. There’s much more homework compared to middle school. Your grades matter a lot more, because a good GPA is needed to get into a good college. There are mid-terms and finals which you don’t have in middle school. Freshman year really matters. You have to get good grades or it will be hard to make it up in the next three years. It’s good to take hard classes now that you may need to get into college, instead of waiting so you don’t have to try to fit in a bunch of stuff senior year.

Most importantly, everyone changes as a person, and starts to find out they are and who they want to be.

Personally, I didn’t like middle school. I like high school better than middle school; high school is a whole different world.There are so many more things to get involved in, for example Key Club, Campaign for Kindness, more sports than at middle school, and so much more.

There’s advisory instead of Primetime, which is good because you can’t just mess around the whole time. Yet, there’s more freedom. For example, during my journalism class we can go to to media center anytime we need to.

Bullying in high school doesn’t seem to happen as much, because the kids are more mature.Yes, its still going to happen no matter what school you go to, but maybe not as much in high school. I think people realize stuff like that really doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t judge someone on what they like or do. People stop caring about little things that don’t matter,which makes for less drama.

As a freshman there’s a clean slate with all your teachers. There are more choices for classes, like Spanish, Woodshop, etc. There are classes with people who are in a higher grades unlike in middle school, which I like because you get to meet new people.

Everyone decides what they want to be when they get out of high school. Someone I know wanted to be a forest ranger till they were a junior and then decided to be a property manager, which shows that your interests change. In high school the most important change is as a person, and the decisions you make. The decisions you make, can make you realize who you want to be, for example you could take a class and realize you want to pursue a profession that has to do with that class. So many decisions that you make can affect the rest of your life.

 By Maddie Christianson