Bread Heads Make Delicious Focaccia


Spanish Teacher _ Baston demonstrates how to make Focoitta

The teacher’s lounge was repulsive, with molded apples stuffed into the foul smelling refrigerator. Here, Bread Head students would eventually make a culinary masterpiece, but first

When a school year starts a lot of things are different than the year before: new classes, new freshmen, and new clubs. The one new club that turned heads at the club fair earlier this semester was Bread Heads when Spanish teacher Terrence Batson started throwing plates to hand make tortillas in the gym. A club about making bread?

On that first Thursday in Batson’s room about seven people showed up and started with a short briefing about what they were going to be making; Focaccia bread, an Italian flatbread.

The students split into three groups and started to make the dough of the bread by mixing flour yeast and other bread ingredients in a mixer.

Once the ingredients were merged, the groups began to knead the bread then one of the members put olive oil over the mix then placed a bowl of the mixture in the window, left in the sun for the bread to rise.

Before they could bake the bread, the club members cleaned the teacher’s lounge so the oven could be used without passing out from the stench.

After a frightful cleaning job, the bread was put in the oven and left to be cooked.

When the bread was a light brown it was taken out, then the best part: eating. I was able to taste the bread and I think it tasted like a crisp, garlic, delicious.

The bread heads will meet every week on Thursday right after school. Batson, one of the new Spanish teachers, hosted the first of many Bread Head meeting in his classroom.

By Maya Covington