Students dress up for Homecoming


The MSHS hallways were taken back to the days of hair metal and Paula Abdul, as students wearing neon tights and sweatbands swarmed the school on 80s day.

The Homecoming theme this year is “Through the Decades,” consisting of three themed days, a class color day, and a green and gold day.

Even a few of the teachers dug through the racks at Goodwill to find some clothes similar to ones they got rid of years ago. Dressed in a shredded denim Led Zeppelin jacket and torn jeans, Timothy Hilt said he dressed up because, “It was fun.”

60s and 70s day saw students dressed in long, flowing, tye-dyed skirts and shirts, fringed boots, and peace signs.

On Wednesday, long, polka-dotted dresses and hair styles that hadn’t been seen in over 50 years were on display, accompanied by classrooms blaring Chuck Berry and Elvis.

Thursday is class color day, where each class wears a specific color and the seniors wear toga, and Friday is green and gold day, as well as the Homecoming parade and football game.

The week comes to a conclusion this Saturday with a 40’s-themed Homecoming dance in the Jack Willie Gym.

By Maddie Conarro and Keegan Bockhorst