Volleyball continues streak against CSCS


The Mustangs defeated longtime rival CSCS in a nail-biting five-game showdown last Thursday, October 11.

Manitou came out strong, winning the first game 26 to 24.

CSCS responded with a 25 to 15 win in the second game.

The third game was another battle, with the Lady Mustangs inching out a 25 to 23 victory.

Photo by John Christensen

It was followed by a tough 25 to 20 defeat in the fourth.

The match all came down to the fifth game, in which the Mustangs dominated with a 15 to 9 victory.

The win was huge for Manitou; they hadn’t defeated CSCS since 2007.

After defeating TCA, also in spectacular fashion, on October 4, and now CSCS, a league title is not out of grasp.

“It’s indescribable. TCA and CSCS have been put on such high pedestals,” said senior Gabby Santos, reacting to the team’s recent victories. “It feels good to knock them down and show them that they aren’t the only big guys.”

By John Christensen