Homecoming kicks off


Photo by Keegan Bockhorst

Homecoming officially kicked off Saturday, with the drive-in movie night, where an estimated 85 students partook in the viewing of the John Travolta classic “Grease”.

For the students who could not attend the movie night, it became obvious it was homecoming week once they entered the school. The student council members representing their class decorated each hallway.

Photo by Keegan Bockhorst

“I think the senior hallway was really cool, but the decorations fell down already, but before they did, you could really tell there was a lot of hard work put into them,” said Maddie Conarro.

The decorations keep the Homecoming spirit going all week, but they reminded former student council members of last year’s decoration fiasco.

After hours of hard work, the fire marshal came with a legal obligation, and student council was forced to remove all the decorations.

So far, no surprise drop-ins from the fire marshal this year. The rest of the week consists of fun activities such as, the powder-puff game, float building, home games, free pizza at Memorial Park before the parade, tailgate party, and the dance.

By Susanna Smith