New Elective


A new class is in development for next year. The Mass Media and Journalism class taught by Timothy Hilt is a combination of yearbook, newspaper, and radio. Hilt already has a pretty good idea of how the class will work.

“In yearbook we have this thing called a latter which is essentially a glorified table of contents, and it says what is going to be on every page of the yearbook. So, when you follow a subject, that’s called a beat. So the basketball beat would be the stories that come from basketball that year,” said Hilt. “What we are going to do is create a latter, and everyone is going to come to the specific beats that are in the latter, and they’re going to make a spread for the yearbook, a couple of newspaper stories, and a couple of radio shows based on those things.”

There is no way a class can survive without students, especially one this complex.

“What we are doing right now is getting applicants for the leadership positions, like the editors and the managers,” said Hilt

There is a spot for almost everyone in this elective, which makes it more attractive to a wide variety of students. People can express to the rest of the school what is going on through three different types of media.

“I think it will be a lot of fun because it offers something for everyone. If you’re really introverted, and you really like to write, you can do the journalism aspect. If you are really extroverted there’s radio for you. If you are really art minded, there’s a lot of design to be done on the website with the yearbook,” said Hilt.

IMG_5449The class will be offered next year during fourth block for both semesters.

by Sam White