Summer Traveling


Now that summer is nearing, and everyone is getting excited about not having school, Mr. Brown is avidly preparing for his summer trip to Italy.

On July 27th Brown and a crew of students will be heading off for the eleven day trip. The group will land in Milan, and travel to Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Rome, and other smaller cities that will be confirmed as the trip gets closer.

For a number of years, Brown has done these vacations abroad,

“My first trip was in 1996, to England,” said Brown.  “I do these trips because as a history teacher I love history, I also get to take students to places that they will be studying, and sometimes my family can even come with me.”

For an amazing experience, with so many sights, there are steep fees to go with it.

Although the group’s traveling price is less than if a student tried to do this on their own, the high cost drives people away.

“For some kids it is the choice between getting a car, or going on a trip. What they need to understand, though is that it is a very unique experience.” said Brown.

A bunch of high school students in a foreign country with busy cities, and infinite places to lose themselves can call for some peculiar moments.

“One night the kids were at the beach with a German group, and some at a disco, since it was eighteen and under I wasn’t allowed to supervise. To keep an eye out, I would sneak around in the sand, and some students said they saw me crawling around, that was a pretty funny time,” said Brown.

Next year he will travel to the United Kingdom, and the next to Greece and Ireland. 2016 is still undecided.

by Sam White